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Join the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN) and become part of the voice for Cardiovascular Nursing in Canada  

CCCN membership is now based on when you renew your membership instead of the calendar year. Your membership will expire twelve (12) or twenty-four (24) months after you make your payment. For example, if you renew in February, your membership will be valid until the end of January the following year. You will still have the option of renewing for 2 years as well as signing up for continuous renewal (see below) if you wish.

However, the Joint memberships with the Canadian Heart Failure Society and the Canadian Heart Rhythm Society will continue to be based on a calendar year.


Membership Options

RN, RPN, LPN, APN - NP, APN - CNS - 1 Year $85.00
RN US/International - 1 Year $100.00
Allied Health Professional $125.00
RN/RPN/LPN Retired - 1 Year $45.00
RN/RPN/LPN Student - 1 Year * $45.00
RN, RPN, LPN, APN - NP, APN - CNS - 2 Year $160.00
RN US/International - 2 Year $190.00
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Joint Memberships

CCCN/CACCN - 1 Year $155.00
CCCN/CACCN - 2 Years $300.00
CCCN/CHFS - 1 Year $125.00
CCCN/CHRS - 1 Year $125.00
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GST/HST not included

 *Student membership is open to any college or university student, who is a full-time undergraduate or diploma student, studying in a field related to nursing.

 What is Continuous Renewal and How Does it Work? 

  • The CCCN “Continuous renewal” feature allows for continuous renewal of your membership on its expiry date if you pay via credit card. You will no longer have to worry about remembering to renew!
  • CCCN will automatically charge your credit card at the selected membership interval (i.e. every one or two years).  After each renewal you will receive your receipt via mail.
  • Please note: If your credit card information or expiry date changes, be sure to let CCCN know by emailing or calling 613-406-3548.
  • Your continuous renewal participation will continue until you choose to opt out of the program or you cancel your membership.  If there is a change in CCCN membership dues prior to continuous renewal, the newly determined fees will be applied. Any change in membership dues will be communicated well in advance of implementation.
  • CCCN will provide notification to members of the impending auto renewal of membership approximately forty-five (45) days prior to the renewal date via email as per the member’s online profile.   
  • Cancellation of continuous renewal may be completed by submitting a written request to CCCN National Office by December 15th of the year your membership expires to:  CCCN, 77 Berrigan Drive, Ottawa, ON K2J 4V6 or via email to
  • Refund of payment will not be issued for continuous renewal of membership fees if the member has not contacted CCCN National office 15 days prior to your membership expiry to cancel continuous renewal.

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