In April 1973, CCCN initially came into being due to the vision and commitment of a small group of cardiovascular nurses.  When it was determined the CCCN should be an integral part of the Canadian Heart Foundation (CHF) (now known as the HSFC) CCCN was fortunate to have an advocate at CHF in Mr. Robert MacDonald. Mr. MacDonald played a pivotal role in helping the successfully launch CCCN.

The CHF/HSFC amended its bylaws which allowed for the establishment of what was termed the “Councils of the Foundation” and in October 1973 CCCN was officially launched at the 17th annual meeting of the CHF/HSFC in Halifax. CCCN as one of these Councils operated within the CHF/HSFC regulations and terms of reference until 1986 when the HSFC restructured their Board of Directors based on the Senkow Report and CCCN was advised that they needed to become an independent Organization.

The first CCCN bylaws were approved by the membership at the 1993 Annual General Meeting in Vancouver. CCCN was incorporated as a non-profit, non-share Corporation by the Ministry of Industry and Science in July 1994. To date CCCN remains an important affiliate of the HSFC. For more historical information, please select from the following links: